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A.  5 Easy Steps in processing your Non-motor Insurance Claim





Inform Yapster immediately (any time and any day) on the following:

  1. Policy details
  2. Extent of loss (estimate)
  3. Incident Details
  4. Contact person and number
  5. Data on other insurers (not coursed through Yapster)
Yapster will arrange for inspection of the incident.


Ensure preservation of traces of damage to the property. This is to provide accurate data during inspection.


Prepare the documents as required by Yapster (see list of requirements for non-motor claim). The list of requirements may vary depending on the case of non-motor claim.


Submit requirements to Yapster. Yapster Account Officers are available to assist you on any requirement concern.


Inform Yapster on preferred schedule of property inspection Yapster will coordinate with the Insurance Provider on the immediate actions needed.
Yapster will inform the client with regards to the status of the claim and will facilitate the release of the settlement cheque upon completion of all necessary transactions between the client and the Insurance Provider

B. List of requirements for processing of non-motor insurance claim

The company reserves the right to require such additional proof and documents as it may consider necessary for the ascertainment of the reasonable amount of loss and for support of the claim or to waive documents it consider immaterial and irrelevant.


A. General Requirement

  • Formal Report on the circumstances of the loss / Sworn Statement of Loss
  • Police/Fire Investigator’s Report
  • Photographs/Proof of Ownership/Insurable Interest

B. For Building Claims

  • Civil Engineer’s or Architect’s detailed estimate (obtain at the expense of the insured) to place the building in the same state/condition before the loss (the estimate must not include contemplated improvements but a proper allowance for age and depreciation. Etc., must be consider)
  • Certified True Copy of the Building Permit
  • Certified True Copy of the Declaration of Real Property
  • Copy of Plan of the Building or sketch prepared by an engineer or architect
  • Leased Contract or Agreement, if the insured is not the lot owner
  • Affidavit declaring the date and cost of construction

C. For Machinery, Furniture, and Equipment Claims

  • Detailed list of articles damage or destroyed, showing the acquisition cost of each and the date acquired
  • Records, Invoices or Receipt, if any

D. For Goods and Merchandise (Stock in Trade) Claims

  • Books Accounts, Financial Statement, Purchase and Sales Invoices and all other business records
  • Certified Copies of the Income Tax Return for the last two (2) years’
  • Latest Inventory of merchandise, filed with the BIR or any government entity, prior to the lossDetailed Inventory of the articles damage or destroyed showing the acquisition cost of each extent of loss and salvage value, if the risk sustained partial or water damage
  • Affidavit stating the location of other stores or warehouses, and amount of insurance on stocks contained therein, if any.

Also required for all types of Fire Claims is an Affidavit or Statement declaring:

  • Nature of Ownership of the property insured
  • Location of Property
  • Extent of Damage and Salvage Value
  • Liens and encumbrances, if any
  • Any other information relatives to the loss


II.  For Burglary and House Breaking / Money Securities and Payroll / Disappearance, Dishonesty and Destruction / Fidelity Guarantees

A. House Breaking, Burglary / Robbery and Fidelity Losses

  • Affidavit of Loss
  • Incident Report
  • Police Report

B. Housebreak-in, Burglary/Robbery

  • Photographs of the scene of loss
  • Acquisition/Inventory Report of stolen Items/Units

C. Fidelity Losses

  • Audit Report detailing the misappropriated amount
  • Employment Record/201 File
  • Copy of the Complaint filed against the erring employee
  • Copy of Duties and Responsibilities of the erring employee
  • Copy of Suspension and/or Termination Letter

D. For Comprehensive General Liability

  • Incident Report
  • Police Report
  • Affidavit/Certificate/Report Loss

E. Property Damage

  • Photographs of Damaged Units
  • Estimate of Repair/Replacement of Damage Units
  • Invoice / Quotation

F. Bodily Injury / Death

  • Medical Certificate and Official Receipt of Hospital Expense (if injured) and/or
  • Death Certificate

For non-motor car claim concerns, please see contact persons and contact details below:

Mr. Bong C. Monis
Account Management Officer In Charge
Direct line number:  (632) 840 8399 local 2098
Mobile: (63 916) 686-224
Fax: (632) 892 0934


Mr. Joseph S. Oseo
Operations Manager

Direct line number:  (632) 840 8399
Trunkline number:   (632) 893 1111 local 2098

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