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Who is Yapster?

Yapster e-Conglomerate, Inc., established November 1999 as a holding company with interest in various industries, emerging and established alike, particularly eCommerce, Outsourcing, Staffing, Securities, Realty, Travel & Leisure, Retail Trade, among others.

Yapster e-Conglomerate, Inc. represents a group of companies with the drive and aggressiveness to create a mark, both in the Philippines and abroad. Each member company is led by a member of the Yap family who also sits on the Board of Officers, headed by Mr. Patrick K. Yap. The Yaps are descendants of immigrants who, three generations ago, settled in Cebu, before venturing out to Manila, Davao and Cagayan de Oro City with textile, retail and other early commercial enterprises which now includes Lepanto Consolidated Mining Company, Manila Mining Corp., among others considered to be top players today.

Committed to be a major player towards the country’s sustainable economic progress, Yapster e-Conglomerate, Inc. continuously transforms itself to be responsive  and solutions driven,  several steps ahead, maintaining its position as the “e” in economic growth – Experts and an Emerging force in the select fields it ventures into.

Who is Yapster E-Insurance Brokers, Inc.?

Yapster E-Insurance Brokers, Inc. can be described in two words – CUSTOMER EMPOWERMENT.

Insurance is not about us. It’s about YOU. YOU should have the Power of Choice in securing YOUR future.

Founded in 2000, Yapster E-Insurance Brokers, Inc. creates a virtual gateway to insurance solutions that YOU need through the use of our website. Aside from providing YOU services through the Internet, Yapster also ensures that YOU are being cared for by personally assessing YOUR needs and focusing on covers that really matters.

We are not here to sell products. We are here to offer our expertise and give YOU options on what kinds of insurance product YOU need, how YOU can get them, and from whom YOU should get them leading to an insurance cover fit to your requirements.

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